Yas-Kaz - Jomon-sho [Glossy Mistakes]

Peaceful, percussive and idyllic. Three words that describe perfectly ‘Jomon-sho’, the key New Age album from Japanese composer and expert of gamelan music, Yas-Kaz. This seminal composition is a cornerstone to understand the Japanese ambient and environmental movement, heavily influenced by this record and the whole New Age scene that developed in Japan throughout the 80s.

The album features a wide range of entirely acoustic instruments and field recordings and was made for stage performance by Sankai Juku Butoh Group at Theatre de la Ville, Paris. But the story of this album can’t be understood without knowing who Yas-Kaz is, an artist who rose to musical prominence composing for the dance troupe led by one of the founders of Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata."

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