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The sequencer module SEQ-02 offer twelve tracks for programming trigger sequences and/or CV sequences. Besides triggering drum modules by MFB and other manufacturers you might as well trigger all modules that accept trigger and gate signals like envelopes, sequencers, S&Hs and so on.
Furthermore the SEQ-02 can output CVs for sequencing variable parameters. Each sequence has an A and B variation i.e. a sequence can be 32 steps long. You can alternate between the sequences with the A/B switch which will alternate automatically between A and B in its middle position. The SEQ-02 has an internal clock generator with clock output but it can be synchronized to an external clock as well. Internal and external clock can be set to 16 or 96 pulses per bar - the 96 mode allows for seven different shuffle settings! There are further jacks for skipping to the next or previous sequence in the memory, for starting/stopping the sequencer and for resetting it.


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