Colour Palette

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This module is a small revolution as it integrates a modular idea from recording gear into Eurorck. It makes it possible to use up to three interchangeable saturation Colour circuit boards from the "Colour 500-Series Palette", an API 500 form factor device, into Eurorack. With voltage control of level, and with the prospective ColourCV boards even with voltage control of parameters!

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About Used Items:

This module is tested by Noise Kitchen and is in full operating condition. 

All our used modules include screws, plastic spacers, and a ribbon cable. The box that the modules come in may not be original. 

The used modules that we offer do not qualify for the same return policy as new modules. The modules are sold in the state of wear that they are in, and can only be returned and/or serviced if the fault is genuinely apparent. Cases of returns are treated on an individual basis. 

Black Market

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