Z5000 - Black

Tiptop Audio

The Tiptop Audio Z5000 is a compact stereo 8HP multi-effect module with voltage-controlled parameters, VC analog clock generator driving the DSP chip and 24 effects, including reverbs, delays, modulation, harmonization and pitch modulated effects.

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Tiptop Audio Z5000 Black digital Multi-Effect module with 24 different algorithms; effect algorithms contain Chorus, Flanger, Ensemble, Formant- and Microshift-Delays, Tape-Echo, Multitap-Delays, Hall, Plate, Gate, Shimmer-Reverb and many more; manual controls for Time, Filter and Modulation/Feedback amount; Fidelty knob controls the DSP-clock and audio quality; contol knobs for input level and wet/dry mix; CV inputs for Filter, Time/Fidelity (selectable) and Modulation/Feedback; mono audio input and stereo outputs; clipping LED

Tiptop Audio

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