Eternal Spring
    Eternal Spring
    Eternal Spring

    Eternal Spring

    Snazzy FX

    Unique Acidic Filter

    When it comes to filtering, Eternal Spring is about unique as it gets. Rather than filtering a sound in line with more traditional methods, the module can sound like a wavefolder when modulated with a slow LFO, impart distinct grit at lower settings, and get extra sassy when pushed to higher settings. It is ideal for leads, basslines, and drone progressions.

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    At lower drive settings, this filter adds noise, grit and harmonics, while at higher settings the sound of the filter takes over and replaces your input with sparks and sludge. It sounds great on synth leads, on basslines, and really adds a lot of movement to drones. It is a weird beast which capable of some different sounds than other filters in your system. On top of all of that, this filter is not temperature compensated and has plenty of musical instability. The cutoff and Q move around nicely to add energy to your incoming audio.


    • Playable Q knob
    • Drive control for saturation and harmonic influx
    • Multiple gain stages along the circuit
    • CV input with depth control
    • FM input with inverted response
    • Capable of self-oscillation
    • Configurable as a wavefolder


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    Eternal Spring manual

    User manual for Snazzy FX Eternal Spring

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