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Inspired by sample and hold / analog shift register with some very unique features. This beast incorporates not one but five sample and holds, chained together, with two controllable feedback taps, individual outputs at five points, a wave shaper output, built in white noise, two different clock modes, lag, and the ability to LOOP the analog cells.

Includes attenuverters on both Main Outputs to allow for fine tuning of output signals, a slew section with two input sources(one being the clocked waveshaper), White Noise output, A very unique SUM output which allows for a mixture of ALL FIVE sampling cells to create trills, strange Legato effects, and interesting reconstruction of the incoming signal.


  • Five analog sample and holds (chained)
  • Feedback of individual and all stages
  • two controllable feedback taps
  • individual outputs at five points
  • wave shaper output
  • built in white noise
  • two different clock modes
  • lag
  • looping of analog cells

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