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In the times of perfect digital recording some people miss inaccuracies like those of old worn-out tape machines or tape echos. The WOW and FLUTTER module simulates just those inaccuracies, the wow and flutter and the sound of an old tape. Also you can set if the flutter of the tape fades in slowly and fades out fast or vice versa

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The Wow and Flutter basically consists of a classic delay with feedback and behaves like one with the WARP control is at zero position.

The delay time can be set not only by the DLY control but also modulated by the audio signal depending on the dynamics and sensitivity setting of the W&F. If the audio signal is louder than the threshold set by the correspondent THRLD control then an attack/decay envelope is fired which affects the delay time. The warp controls how strong the fluttery effect is, just as a tape echo would eat the tape.

The input level can be adjusted with the GAIN knob, D/W controls the dry/wet mix. The signal at the OUT socket ist depending on the dry/wet setting while the WET socket outputs the effect signal only. The delay time can be modulated by a CV at the DLY socket, the intensity is controlled with the DEPTH attenauator. There´s also a CV input for modulating the envelope´s decay time and also an envelope follower input. The latter can be output at the ENV O socket. Experimenting with and feeding back the envelope follower with the audio ins and outs might provide for crazy souds

Snazzy FX

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