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Clock O'Pawn focuses on one thing and does it very well: generation of clock signals. Externally synchronized via Gate/Trigger or MIDI. Internally set through a potentiometer or tapped in via an extra button. Two additional buttons let the clock start / pause (no reset) or fully stop. And there are other useful details, such as an alternative second clock output and a reset pulse that is slightly advancing the clock signal.

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Besides a simple headphone output, a versatile clock is another often missed module. Clock O'Pawn is exactly that and characterized by direct access and no menues. It is an ideal partner for Shakmat modules, but also generally interesting for systems of any size.

The internal tempo can be adjusted via a tap button (expects 4 taps) or a knob (from 60-240BPM). The output clock is a 16th Clock. That's four beats per quarter note or 4ppq. This "format" is also expected by the analog clock input. This input is constantly monitored, so the Clock O'Pawn starts without delay. There is also a MIDI input, which is designed as 1/8 jack. It is important to make sure that the correct MIDI format is set on the back of the module.

Other details that add to the experience, are:

The swing factor, which can be set between 0-100% with a dedicated small potentiometer.

A second clock output, which either outputs the clock ignoring swing or continues to run after pressing the stop button (or both).

A slightly advanced reset pulse at the reset output, so that connected modules first reset themselves and then start running according to the clock.

All of this makes the Clock O’Pawn a super nice and straighforward to use clock module.


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