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OTO Machines BIM is a 12-bit stereo delay unit inspired by renowned studio delay processors built in the early 80’s. A predominantly analog processing unit, the BIM uses 12-bit AD/DA converters to switch the signal to digital for the delay, resulting in signal degradation and a damp, dark aesthetic to processed sound that achieves far more than with a purely digital system.

The BIM’s uses are especially pronounced when sounds are feedbacked multiple times through the full system. With modern features including stereo processing, user-programmable presets, MIDI control and more, the BIM is a perfect example of marrying digital and analogue worlds. 

Equally perfect for live performative use as it is in the studio, this is an incredible musical delay processor with a broad sweep of uses.

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• Up to 3276 milliseconds in stereo

• True 12-bit converters, analog limiter, companders, filters and feedback path

• 4 delay types: Normal, Dual Head, Disto, Lo-Fi

• Delay high-pass filter: 20Hz, 100Hz, 250Hz or 500Hz

• Delay low-pass filter: 16kHz, 8kHz, 4kHz or 2kHz

• Feedback filters: flat, hi cut, lo cut or both

• LFO with 4 waveforms and 4 Rate ranges (from 0.025 Hz to 147 Hz)

• Tap Tempo with sub-division settings

• Freeze switch with normal or reverse play

• Delay input gain from 0 to +15dB

• 36 user presets

• MIDI input: BIM responds to MIDI Clock, CC and Pgm Change

• 3 bypass modes: Relay, Spillover and Aux

• Nice and simple user interface via 16 white LEDs

• Rugged steel enclosure

• Neutrik® jack connectors

• Power supply included

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