DIVerse RED ISO - passive DI Box 2ch ISO


DIVerse RED ISO model is a stereo galvanic isolator. It features the very high-level LUNDAHL LL1588 transformers, which can operate at extremely high input levels without any kind of signal coloration. Compared to the BLUE model, the line level can be EIGHT times higher before any noticeable saturation of the signal occurs. This feature makes it most suitable for applications where you need to transport high levels of signal without compromising the lowest frequencies, for example when you need to interconnect line-level devices like mixing consoles, PA processors, amplifiers, DJ equipment, modular synths, recording and broadcasting units, distant PA delay zones, etc. 

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  • Dimensions: 128 x75 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 0,9 kg
  • Nominal input/output impedances: 600/600 Ohm
  • Static DC resistance: 122 Ohm
  • Recommended load impedance: >2,4 kOhm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 40kHz @ +0 / -0,5dB
  • Maximum input level: +25dBU (THD<0,1% @ 50Hz); +28dBU (THD<1% @ 50Hz)


  • At the heart of a DIVerse DI box is a LUNDAHL transformer. LUNDAHL has always been on the cutting edge of their field, and the name is synonymous with premium quality. Their transformers are built with precisely dimensioned MuMetall cores. For each product in the DIVerse line, we carefully selected the optimal transformer from the wide range that LUNDAHL offers.
  • Transfer function with flat frequency response in extended range and negligible phase response deviation preserve the original sound of the instrument. When the input is pushed, instead of hard clipping, the LUNDAHL transformer provides silky-smooth saturation, which makes upper harmonics come up and enrich the natural character of the instrument.
  • Output jack 6,3mm of the blue and green mono models enables the option to feed an amplifier. Unlike the standard input link connection, this means the amp audio signal can be obtained after the transformer section. The output jack is equipped with a secure locking mechanism for a reliable connection. Please refer to the User manual for connectivity options.  
  • Electronic circuits are protected by an isolation barrier with incorporated over-voltage protection. This preserves the sensitive transformer from high impulse voltage damage from static electricity, which may occur in more complicated setups involving multiple mixing consoles, signal splitting, broadcasting, etc. 
  • For minimizing harmonic distortion, the isolation transformers are kept safe from DC magnetization caused by residual DC voltage of some signal sources.
  • Top range NEUTRIK connectors with gold-plated contacts and metal shell supply optimal RF protection and unmatched reliability thanks to their rugged design. 
  • In addition, DIVerse offers an extra option of feeding an extremely long audio signal conduction from the DI’s output. This is a big advantage in situations where analog vintage gear used at the Front Of House at a large stadium show. For these occasions, the electronic unit of DIVerse products offers the possibility to internally reconfigure the circuit to provide extremely low impedance output of 150 Ohm with 2:1 conversion (thus with -6dB level correction).


  • Robust housing made of rugged 2mm steel plates with 1,5mm internal parts protects the electronic section and provides impeccable shielding against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • All chassis components are conductively interconnected and made of soft magnetic material to ensure optimal electromagnetic compatibility. 
  • Modular book-shaped design protects all outer connection components. 
  • Anti-slip rubber foam finish on the bottom of the housing prevents movement and accidental interruption of the signal chain even during the wildest and most emotional performance. 
  • The housing is assembled with golden screws, complementing the exclusive boutique design to the last detail. 
  • Chassis of the DIVerse DI boxes allows for rack mounting possibility. Six of any DIVerse products can be mounted together with OTECABLES mounting brackets to form a single unit occupying 1.2RU space in 19” rack.
  • Shockproof Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly (used in military and aerospace applications), extra thick 2mm PCB design along with 4 point connection to chassis, and additional transformer bonding ensure the best possible mechanical durability and heat resistance of electrical parts.
  • Placement of the switches prevents accidental switching and enables easy visual control of the settings.


OTECABLES is a branch of OTESOUND, a Czech rental company with 15 years of experience, especially in live sound. In the course of our development and incoming new challenges, we have reached the point we were not able to find the proper products on the market meeting our specific practical requirements on signal and power stage equipment. These circumstances led us to build our own gear with a focus on the highest quality of the components, maximum clarity in marking and robust construction design to comply better with our needs in the show-technology rental business.



DIVerse user manual

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