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DIY Kit contains wooden plate, 2 breadboards, PCB board, OMS Kit and OSC+SEQ+SAMPLER Kit, Keypad

The OMSynth miniLab is a circuit development and performance interface designed to help inventors quickly build and experiment with creative circuits. It was designed with beginners in mind but is best suited for those with some circuit building experience. 

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The OMSynth offers all you need to start inventing circuits to make sound and light. Potentiometers, audio mixer, speaker headphone output, battery or adapter power and more.

OMSynth comes with tutorial videos for making analog oscillators, sequencers and lo-fi digital sampler. It comes with OMSYNTH OSCILLATOR PARTS KIT for free!

OMSynth IS a super useful circuit development tool that I have used as a teacher and circuit developer to make my job easier and more fun. All circuit development I have done at Bastl from sketches to finished instruments (including the BitRanger and SoftPop) has been on the OMSynth.

OMSynth IS NOT a beginners electronics coarse.  I have provided tutorial videos and parts kits (see below) for workshops that will  help beginners get into experimental circuit design quickly and helps ease them into more complex, often un-intuitive principles of electronics.  That said, it will be absolutely necessary for beginner users to do extra research on their own. Rather than trying to give ALL the answers, the OMSynth is my way of giving people a powerful tool and a big boost of encouragement as they embark on the long strange journey of audio circuit design.  I welcome emails from those eager to move forward or simply want to share discoveries and excitement. Feel free to email me at pete [at] casperelectronics [dot] com