Radical Chip + Poster

    Radical Chip - Mute Synth 4.0 + Poster (limited edition)


    The Radical Chip is a collection of wavetable synth sounds by Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright for the Mute Synth 4.0. There are 5 pseudo-wavetables and 9 algorithms making 45 combinations that are randomly selected. The sounds range from gritty digital sounds and extreme noise to pure tones. The sounds may also be thought of as programs that have complex behaviors that can be interacted with through the Mute Synth 4.0’s controls. The Radical Chip can be simply swapped with the default chip of the Synth.

    The Radical Chip comes with a limited edition A2 risograph printed poster/booklet on Microcomputer Music: a music made from mini microprocessors and raw electronics that is always in-flux, noisy and may be overwritten.

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    • Wavetable synthesis 
    • 5 wavetables
    • 9 algorithms
    • 45 combinations (programs)
    • Random program selection
    • Touch, sequencer and pot control
    • Bit crushing
    • Downsampling
    • Noise
    • Non-linear response
    • Mute Synth 4.0 compatible
    • Limited edition A2 risograph printed poster/booklet
    • May be used independently (requires additional components, instructions here)

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    The wavetables include sine, saw and text - “Microcomputer music is always in-flux, noisy and may be overwritten.”, taken from the poster - used to generate a wavetable (text to ASCII conversion with Markov chain), and algorithms with the names: starling, brownouts, speed-dial, strange memory effect, touch me, etc. In response to the text, programs cannot be chosen but randomly selected: a golden lottery!


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