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Viol Ruina

Noise Engineering

Analog 24dB resonant lowpass filter and distortion with internal modulation and envelope following

Looking for our gnarliest module? You found it. Viol Ruina is a distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. The four-pole design is reminiscent of the classic filters you know but with a completely new and slightly ridiculous twist. The independently addressable distortion circuit takes VR into overdriven paradise with a shocking amount of drive. Built-in envelope following makes an easy way to create dynamic patches with the flick of a switch, and feedback FM takes Viol Ruina to a whole new realm of filthiness. Run a sound through Viol Ruina, you’ll get something cool and possibly terrifying out of it.

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Size and power:

  • 4 HP
  • +12v: 40ma
  • -12v: 35ma
  • +5v: 0ma

Viol:  from Latin violo, violentis for violate, dishonor, violent. Also viola, meaning purple.

Ruina:  from Latin ruina for destruction

"Violent purple ruins"


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