Mountain Apollo DIY kit, One-of-a-kind Sentinels by Staša Guček

Limited edition Sentinels DIY kits by Staša Guček.

Included in the set are a pieces for assembly and instructional manual.

Sentinel is a Theremin based electronic circuits with two potentiometers regulating volume and frequency.  Sentinel’s wing-shaped antenna makes noise with changing the distance of user’s hand or gently sliding with fingers over the wings. Sentinels are butterflies Mountain Apollo, Jersey Tiger and False Ringlet; moth Giant Peacock, Bumble bee and Fire fly.

They were designed differently to other instruments and synths –  with Illustrator, manually transferring component’s sizes to the board; etching at home. Each one is unique. Let the Sentinels be a noise messenger and warning for you to take care of the environment you share with other organisms. 

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