The WIRE - Issue 445 - March 2021

The Wire

Inside this issue:

Maggie Nicols:
The veteran experimental vocalist discusses the trail she has blazed from 1960s jazz clubs through Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Feminist Improvising Group to her brand new debut solo album. By Louise Gray

James Spaulding: Over a nearly 70 year career with 100-odd album credits from Sun Ra to Bobby Hutcherson, the reedist has maintained his faith in the power of collective improvisation. By Howard Mandel

OSEES: With his label Castle Face releasing the ever shifting music of his primary project along with his collaborators and even archival recordings of The Fall, John Dwyer places himself at the centre of a psychedelic hurricane. By Dave Segal

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Authentically Plastic: The Ugandan DJ/producer majors in polyrhythmic dislocation. By Gloria Kiconco

Holland Andrews: Phoning it in with the US vocalist/composer. By George Grella

J Fisher: The Los Angeles polymath introduces his selves. By Joseph Stannard

Marcin Pietruszewski: Micro-sieving dataflows. By Emily Bick

Unlimited Editions: enmossed

Unofficial Channels: Foxy Digitalis

Global Ear: Our regular column continues to report on music in the time of pandemic. This month: the effect of Brexit and Covid-19 on gig and tour organisations

The Inner Sleeve: Raven Chacon on New Red Order’s Never Settle

Epiphanies: Adrian Sherwood gets a lesson in overload from Mark Stewart

Print Run: New music books: intensities in ten cities, Bessie Smith, Unsound arguments, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Paul Duane’s Welcome To The Dark Ages; Midge Costin’s Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic Sound

On Site: Recent art shows: Look Out Shithead: Episode 1; Syncopes

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Apartment House, Insides, Anna Koch & Claudia Molitor, and more

Soundcheck: AGF & Various, Black Top Presents: Hamid Drake/Elaine Mitchener/William Parker/Orphy Robinson/Pat Thomas, King Britt, M Caye Castagnetto, Aaron Cupples, dBridge, Ryan Dugré, Julius Eastman/Ensemble O, Jimmy Edgar, Embassador Dulgoon, Mark Feldman, Beatriz Ferreyra/Natasha Barrett, Fhloston Paradigm, Founders, Lori Goldston & Jordan O’Jordan, Cameron Graves, H31R, Hecker/Okkyung Lee, Johanna Hedva, Susie Ibarra, I Know I’m An Alien, Jurango, Alina Kalancea, Jen Kutler, Graham Lambkin, Langham Research Centre, Mica Levi, Madlib, Meemo Comma, Pat Metheny, Roscoe Mitchell/Jerzy Mazzoll/Sławek Janicki/Qba Janicki, Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed, Ben Monder/Tony Malaby/Tom Rainey, Roy Montgomery, Jon Mueller, Nandos, Rachika Nayar, William Parker, Shmu, Jos Smolders, Lara Solnicki, Peter Stampfel, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Throttle Elevator Music, Timelash, Traka, Rian Treanor, Trio Pipeline, Fletcher Tucker, Visionist, Ryley Walker & Kikagaku Moyo, Dr Matthew Welch, Byron Westbrook, Ivan Zoloto, Various Indaba Is

The Boomerang: Hasaan Ibn Ali, Chet Baker, Black Sabbath, Bruford, Werner Durand, Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra, Sashash Ulz, Bernard Szajner, Norma Tanega, Robert Turman, Various Labyrinths & Jokes

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