The Field Kit Sensor Pack B

Field Kit Sensor Pack B

Koma Elektronik

The Field Kit Sensor Pack B consists of 3 sensors:

  • Accelerometer
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Sequential Voltage Source
  • 2 x Dupont 3 contact cable to connect the Sensors to the Field Kit.
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Accelometer :

This board measures acceleration along three axis. Those measurements are used to generate CV signals or triggers. The accelerometer board features three modes:

  • Tap Detector with continuos CV output
  • Tap Detector with trigger output
  • The ‘motorcycle mode’

Capacitive Touch : 

Connect the Capacitive Touch to organic items and use them as a controller, the Field Kit Sensor Interface will send out signals once you touch the matter. Banana rock, Cucumber Swing, Avocado Samba!

Sequential Voltage Source :

The Sequential Voltage Source is a little magical module which you can use in your musical setup quite easily and allows your Field Kit to become a Sequencer too. This board has three different modes: Stepped Random Voltage, CV Sequencer and an Euclidean Trigger Sequencer.