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Jak Plugg

22hp version of MI Elements, extra panel for easter egg mode

Elements is a full-blown synthesis voice based on modal synthesis – an under-appreciated flavour of physical modelling synthesis with a strange and abstract feel.

Elements combines an exciter synthesis section generating raw, noisy sounds characteristic of bowing, blowing (pitch-controlled granular noise), or striking (stick, mallet, hammer or brush sample playback or bursts of synthetic impulsions)

These sources, or external audio signals, are processed by a modal filter bank – an ensemble of 64 tuned band-pass filters simulating the response of various resonant structures (plates, strings, tubes) with adjustable brightness and damping. A stereo ambience reverberator adds depth and presence to the sound

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All parameters have a very meaningful and well-delimited impact on the sound. When designing Elements, great care has been taken in selecting parameter ranges and control curves, producing a large palette of sounds – often beyond physical realism – but always well controlled and stable. The “dark spots” of noise and feedback are reached gradually, and they do still react to controls. The module is deliberately menu- and switch-free – what you dial/patch is what you hear!

easter egg: 

"Ominous" is a secret "easter egg" in Elements, which turns the module into a weird 2x2 operators FM synth voice. Think Braids' FM/FBFM times two. It lives in a strange middle-ground between classic subtractive analog and what you'd expect of FM.

Jak Plugg

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