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Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

The Fourses module consists of four bounds/bounce oscillators, stacked on top of each other so that their bounds are mutual. Imagine four bouncy balls in a greased perspex tube only wide enough to permit them to travel along it. They bounce off of each other in the tube, and generate intricate but inter-related chaotic outputs. Each bouncy ball has the requisite basis and attenuverter knobs, and bounds inserts, control input, and triangular output.

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Fourses is a 12HP Eurorack module that runs on +12 and -12 volts. Attach power connector positive to “+” and negative to “-”. Failure to follow proper power polarity will result in instant destruction of unit.

Looking at the front panel of Fourses, note that inputs are marked by copper fill. The four operators are exactly the same in appearance. The bounds of any operator are dictated by the ones immediately above and below, except for the very top and bottom operators; the top upper bound is set to eight volts, and the bottom lower bound to negative eight volts. The bounds of any operator, however, have inserts that you can use to manually set a boundary to whatever voltage you wish. This may introduce Ieaskul's masthead, the paradox wave, that comes about when a lower bound is greater than an upper bound, causing the oscillator to go into hyper oscillation since it cannot rest in any stable zone.


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