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Denum B-Stock

Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

The Denum module is essentially a bounds/bounce oscillator. It has the “triangle core” circuitry used in many oscillators, but it adds a correlated bounds modulation. Here, bounds and bounce are each given equal treatment, with separate linear and exponential controls and inputs. In addition, this module has a fully featured bi-polar VCA with complimentary inputs, to get you quickly going sending “bb-objets” out the left and right channels.

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Denum is an 8HP Eurorack module that runs on +12 and -12 volts. Attach power connector positive to “+” and negative to “-”. Failure to follow proper power polarity will result in instant destruction of unit. Looking at the front panel of Denum, note that inputs are marked by copper fill.

There are three main sections: bounce, bounds, and the VCA. Bounce is above bounds to emphasize the numerator/denominator relationship of the two. Each of the two has exactly the same inputs and knobs. The “basis” knob sets the base rate or position for bounds. There is a linear control input, marked by a a caret. Linear modulation is an alternative input for pre-enveloped audio, since it has no attenuverter. However, the exponential control input is tied to an attenuverter, marked by a characteristic bow-tie. An attenuverter works like this: at noon the modulations are nulled out, they have no effect; clockwise from there they increase in intensity, with positive input meaning “more”; to the counter-clockwise direction, modulations increase as well, but with negative input meaning “more”. This knob is essential to controlling how much, and in which direction, your modulations apply.


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