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Erica Synths Bassline is fully analogue synth voice module for ultimate basslines and leads.

It features AS3340 VCO with three waveforms, a filter inspired by Erica Synths Acidbox and unique features - transistor based suboscillator and two BBD lines that emulate VCO detune creating a sound of massive polysynth from one oscillator. Accent provides more expression to the bassline, by adding volume and opening the VCF slightly.


  • Fully analogue circuit
  • Great 1V/oct tracking
  • Simultaneous Triangle, Square and Master outputs
  • Accent input
  • Transistor-based suboscillator
  • BBD-based VCO detune emulation
  • Integrated VCF and VCA decay envelopes
  • External VCO FM and VCF cutoff CV inputs

Technical details

  • Pitch range C0-C8
  • Audio output level -5 +5V
  • CV level (full span) -5V +5V
  • Power consumption +12V: 110mA, -12V: 70mA
  • Module width 14HP
  • Module depth 35mm