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Drum Modulator

Drum Modulator

Erica Synths

Erica Synths Modulator is an advanced modulation and pitched noise source with focus on rhythmic (but not limited to) compositions in mind.

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It features two identical syncable to the BPM LFOs/noise sources with selectable morphing waveshapes. LFO frequency can be manually adjustable, as well as they provide frequency divisions and multiplication in Sync mode. Each LFO has two outputs- main one and secondary one with adjustable phase, so you can create evolving modulations. Furthermore, LFOs can be linked to work at the same frequency and the first LFO has built in VCA to control output signal amplitude.


  • Two independent modulation/pitched noise sources
  • 7morphing waveshape + noise
  • LFO Sync, frequency divisions and multiplications
  • Integrated VCA for first modulation source
  • Two main outputs
  • Two outputs with an adjustable phase shift
  • LP and HP filter on outputs in pitched noise mode
  • CV control over LF rate/noise pitch

Technical details

  • Output level -5 +5V
  • CV level (full span) -5 +5V
  • Power consumption +12V: 86mA, -12V: 7mA
  • Module width 10HP
  • Module depth 45mm

Erica Synths

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