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Drum Mixer Lite

Drum Mixer Lite

Erica Synths

Compact Drum Mixer with a compresor

Lite is a compact version of Drum Mixer. It features extended headroom and a dedicated drum compressor of unique design keeps each drum sound clearly distinguishable and add power to the final mix.

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Bonus feature - effects send output allows to apply external effects to the signals on the first three inputs. LEDs next to each input give visual feedback on the signal level.


  • 6 inputs
  • Built in vactrol based drum compressor with Amount and Decay control
  • Three inputs assignable to main or aux send outputs
  • Main and Aux Send outputs
  • Signal level indicator LEDs

Technical details

  • Mixer gain -+6dB
  • Power consumption +12V: 59mA, -12V: 36mA
  • Module width 10HP
  • Module depth 35mm

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