Doepfer A-100 DIY Full Kit


The A-100 DIY kit #1 is a combination of components that allows the inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of a case

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  • power supply with external transformer (AC output)

  • because of safety reasons, no dangerous voltages accessible

  • max. current: 1200mA (same as PSU2, but external transformer instead of ring core transformer)

  • 2 bus boards

  • four 84 HP mounting rails with threaded inserts (distance between the threads = 2 HP, see remark below) for module mounting (sufficient for 2x3U) -> revision from April/May 2008, see remark #4

  • cable for connections between power supply and bus boards

  • sketches with measures (for drilling the holes at the right positions for PSU and bus board mounting)

  • building suggestion for wooden case (sketch + list of all required wooden case parts)

  • additional installation material like screws, nuts or distant bolts (e.g. for bus boards, power supply board, rails) is not included as these parts depend upon the type of case built by the customer

  • Price: Euro 120.00 (complete kit with transformer), Euro 100.00 (complete kit without transformer)

  • power supply only (with transformer): Euro 60.00 (without bus boards, without mounting rails, without bus cables)

  • power supply only (without transformer): Euro 40.00

  • transformer only: Euro 20.00

  • attention: from Doepfer (Germany) only 230V transformers with European mains plug type are available (external transformer with 15V/2.5A AC required), please ask the Doepfer representative in your country if they have a transformer available that is suitable for the mains voltage and mains plug in your country

  • even smaller current output is possible; the current output of the power supply is half the current of the external transformer as the currents for both voltages +/-12V are required (if e.g. the transformer outputs max. 1000mA the max. power supply current is 500mA) 

  • the technical documents are available as pdf file

  • Remark # 1: As the thread distance is 2 HP only A-100 modules with two mounting holes can be mounted completely (i.e. all mounting screws). The threaded rails cannot be used for complete mounting of panels with 4 mounting holes as the distance between the holes is an odd HP multiple for these panels. We already asked our manufacturer to produce even rails with 1 HP thread distance and we hope that we will be able to offer these rails soon so that all types of panels can be mounted.

  • Remark # 2: If the version without transformer is used: Because of electrical safety only an encapsulated transformer is allowed (15V AC, max. 2400 mA). Open transformers that have to be wired to the mains by the user are not allowed ! This would nullify the safety advantages of the DIY kit. Even a transformer with less than 2400mA can be used provided that the total current of the modules is less than half the current of the transformer (example: transformer current = 1000 mA -> 500 mA available for the modules).

  • Remark # 3: If the version without power supplies is used: Because of electrical safety only encapsulated wall outlet power supplies are allowed (12V DC, stabilized, max. 500 mA, polarity: ring = GND, center = +12V). Open frame supplies that have to be wired to the mains by the user are not allowed ! This would nullify the safety advantages of the DIY kits. Even supplies with currents less than 500mA can be used provided that the total current of the modules is less than the max. current of the supplies.

  • Remark # 4: From about April/May 2008 the contents of the DIY kits will change to normal front rails (same as used in the standard A-100 frames and suitcases) instead of the mounting rails with threads mentioned above. To keep the costs as low as possible normal M3 nuts are slided into the rails (not threaded inserts as used in the standard A-100 frames and suitcases).


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