A-111-6v Miniature Synth Vintage Edition


The Doepfer A-111-6 contains a complete monophonic synthesizer with one oscillator, a -24dB low-pass filter, a VCA and a voltage controllable envelope generator. The synthesizer voice is internally pre-patched, so you only need to connect CV and Gate to play it. The VCO offers sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with pulse width modulation. In addition, the balance control allows you to add a sub-oscillator or external input. Despite its small size, this voice offers many options and a powerful sound!

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  • triangle core VCO
  • manual tune control and octave switch
  • modulation input for frequency (FM) or pulsewidth modulation (PM)
  • manual pulsewidth control
  • waveform switch (sawtooth / off / triangle)
  • 1V/oct input
  • Balance unit : two inverse working VCAs controlled by manual control and CV input, VCA1 is connected to the VCO output, VCA2 to the socket Ext.In. which is normalled to the internal sub-octave signal (f/2)


  • 24 dB low pass, 10Hz ... 20kHz
  • manual frequency control
  • two frequency modulation inputs, FM1 (with attenuator) is normalled to the internal Envelope signal, FM2 without attenuator (about 1V/oct, e.g. for VCF tracking or sine wave VCO)
  • manual resonance (up to self oscillation = sine wave VCO)


  • initial gain (to open the VCA without envelope)
  • controlled by internal envelope or gate signal


  • AR/ADSR/AD mode selectable via switch
  • manual controls for Attack and Decay/Release
  • Sustain is fixed to 50% in ADSR mode and D=R
  • CV input for time control, by means of two internal jumpers one can select which time parameters are controlled by the CVT input (e.g. A only or D/R only or A/D/R) and in which direction (i.e. if an increasing CVT shortens or stretches the time parameter in question)
  • Envelope LED display
  • Attack time range: ~ 1ms ... 5 sec (can be extended by using the CVT input)
  • Decay/Release time range: ~ 1ms ... 15 sec (can be extended by using the CVT input)


Power consumption: 60mA at +12V and 60mA at -12V

Depth: 50mm

HP : 10


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