A-160-1 Clk Div

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The A-160-1 is a frequency divider for clock, trigger and gate signals, designed to be a source of lower frequencies, particularly for rhythmical uses. The available dividers are exclusively even numbers. Additionally there is a reset input which sets all outputs to "zero".


  • Frequency Divider For Clock/Gate/Trigger Signals
  • A Source Of Lower Frequencies, Particularly For Rhythm Uses
  • Trigger Input Can Accept Clock Signals From Variety Of Sources
  • Sub-Divided Clock Signal Outputs From 1/2 To 1/64
  • Reset Input Sets All Outputs To 0 While Reset Voltage Is Present

Technical Details

  • Width: 4HP/20mm
  • Depth: 40mm 
  • Current:
    • +12V: +40mA
    • -12V: -0mA