Noise Kitchen

Noise Kitchen is a community-driven store and workshop space dedicated to electronic / electro-acoustic / experimental music, sound art, and DIY culture. Whilst the shopfront sells musical instruments alongside local and international tapes and records, we also make workshops and lectures, and provide casual tutoring in equipment usage.

As active members of the local and international music scene — and with Bastl Instruments’ Innovation Lab in the back — we have a detailed understanding of the ins and outs of our equipment, making Noise Kitchen a space to come to learn, to build friendships, and make the future of electronic music happen.

Noise Kitchen’s roots are firmly in the modular synthesizers community: Noise Kitchen is affiliated to Bastl Instruments and Nona Records, and previously was a part of a collective called Zvuk, sharing the current location with Synth Library Prague until we parted in Spring 2019. We still stay in touch and cooperate when possible.

About Synth Library Prague Synth Library Prague (situated Pod Terebkou, Nusle) is an independent platform supporting education, creative dialogue and the implementation of projects in the field of electronic music and sound arts. SLP works as a community space where you can make and listen to music, read books, and collaborate with like-minded people. Like Noise Kitchen, it is a space for regular workshops and discussions, open mixes, and music feedback sessions.

Opening hours are Wednesday to Friday, 15-19.

You can find us at following address: Krymská 14, 101 00 Prague 10