We are very happy to announce our new brick and mortar store in Prague. We're always happy to chat about gear old and new with veterans and newcomers alike. We throw regular workshops in the store and there's a bunch of special deals and freaky devices you won't get anywhere else (not even online!). We stock everything from modules and tabletops through cables and screws to music. The store is located in the beautiful space called ZVUK in vivid Prague's music location. ZVUK is based Noise Kitchen accommodating Prague Synth Library, daughter of Portland S1 Synth Library. A nice bonus – you can get the best burrito in town only a couple of metres up the hill from the shop. Bring the staff a burrito and you'll melt their heart!

We are part of the Bastl Instruments family. We are a community driven company with main focus in development and production of electronic musical instruments which range from tabletop synths to fully featured modular synthesizer systems and synth modules. Since 2016 Peter Edwards of Casper electronics is a part of our enterprise.

We are always curious and we never stop to discover our common strong points. That way we've started to roast our own coffee under a unique brand Rello il torrefattore. We also bring the joy to people by making parties and concerts in our own venue called Herna. We make and release music at our own Nona Records label, and we shoot educational videos and organize educational and soldering workshops.

This diverse family consisting of many diverse individualities keeps united by shared passion for music, courage and sense for an adventure.