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Why does the synth shop smell so awesome? Well, first of all, we drink a LOT of coffee at the Bastl Instruments HQs. Coffee is an effective boost, coffee is a friend. In combination with listening to great music, it makes processing all of the orders, developing new instruments & discovering the mysteries of post–future sounds even more fun.

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Our big coffee adventure started years ago, when Valentino (now the chief roaster at Rello Il Torrefattore) still worked at Bastl Instruments. His job was assembly, testing, and sometimes it seemed like he's also paid for drinking way too much coffee. We told him: Signore, even though you're half italian, you're a pretty talented coffee drinker!

We found out coffee can be distinctive and pleasant at the same time. It happened without much attention, but Valentino changed the way we consume coffee. We ran some fast math and realized that purchasing a small roaster, to produce for us and our friends, would come out as best. A nice vision, in theory. The first couple of months were pretty tricky. Valentino used to say: if I burn an egg in a microwave, it will still probably taste closer to coffee than this fucking popcorn. HAHA.

However after months of trying and adjusting the roasting process, Rello's coffee gradually became pleasant. Now our morning cups of coffee consist of pure delight.

We decided to expand and bought a professional roaster. That was in 2017 and that's also when we started to build up close, personal relationships with families around the world we get green beans from. Our beloved importer This Side Up showed us that transparency and sustainability are the only way how to operate in this business. That same year Valentino traveled to Colombia to take part in his very first harvest – doing everything from picking to processing to ordinary farm tending.

Today, you can drink Bastl Instruments coffee at various cool coffee sposts around Brno. We help people drink better coffee wherever they are. We deliver coffee bags by bike & promote the importance of transparency along every single step in the coffee distribution chain. We hope we can change something for the better this way. In the meantime, we continue to drink lots and lots of coffee.