John Dee / Tomáš Niesner split

John Dee / Tomáš Niesner split [self-released]

Collaborative 3 track split cassette from Brno-based musicians. John Dee provides superb acid grooves while Tomáš Niesner presents his probably first beat-driven track and explores the sonic bliss of modular system.

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"John Dinger aka John Dee is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. I am happy to know him as a friend, colleague and a musician. We have travelled together all over the Europe and his presence on the road was absolutely essential for me. 4 years ago he made a big step in his life and decided to move from Minnesota to Brno, Czech Republic. There he bought a bunch of cassettes with the idea of recording demos. However they have remained untouched for a long time. When John decided to give me those cassettes as a gift few months ago it was pretty clear how I should treat them. We are just releasing a mini-split cassette and I believe you can expect more amazing stuff from John soon."

Tomáš Niesner

Released June 25, 2021.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and home-dubbed in 2021.


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