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The 6X1(3X1) is a dual 3 channel/single 6 channel/single 3 channel stereo


In 1/6 mode all 6 inputs are summed to the lower output. The upper output is still active for channels 1-3 and this is useful for an effects buss. In dual 1/3 mode each set of 3 inputs sums to its own output.

The first 3 inputs are normalized to the second 3 inputs and this allows the MIX6 to be used as a 3 channel stereo mixer. When an input is plugged into channel 1 it is also sent to channel 4 unless something else is plugged into channel 4. This allows 3 inputs to be sent to a pair of outputs for a simple stereo mixer.

The mixer is DC coupled so it's good for Audio and CV.

No Bleed, very low distortion, low power consumption and low profile. The perfect mixer solution for any modular synth. 

Technical details

Width: 5HP 
Max Depth: 25mm 
Power: 40mA@ +12V , 65mA@ -12V , 0mA@ +5V