Let NK walk you through Bastl's Timber and Waver Modules

Posted On: pro 5, 2021

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Author: Noise Kitchen

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We're excited to share an in-depth guide to two of our current favourite Bastl Instruments modules: the Timber and the Waver. Both are Waveprocessing modules, but the way the two modules behave with sound input varies greatly, so we decided to create a video demonstrating patch capabilities with the two different modules. 

The best thing to do is put this on with a cup of coffee and get stuck in, but here are the basics:

The Timber consists of a Wave Driver and a Wave Folder, which lets you play with adding dynamics to a patched-in waveform. An intuitive cross-fader grants a simple way to play with the wet/dry signal, which opens up great possibilities for live playing. 

The Waver, made by Bastl Instruments and Casper, is a fully analog wave-folding mixer and signal disruptor, inspired by experimental audio mixing techniques and mind-melting drones. 

We gave you a helping hand and put the name of the module we're playing with in the top right corner, so you always know which cool machine is making which cool sound, and with a little oscilloscope in the lower right, even a beginner can really start to understand the mechanics of these wicked sound design toys. You can watch the video below: