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Monique & Erik of Miasmah and Sonic Pieces

Our online offering for our vinyl and tape Distro store today expands onto vinyl — as with the tapes, we're starting slow and offering a limited selection for a short while, to draw attention to some of our favourite labels we are keeping stock of. 

For the first upload of vinyl to the e-shop we're focussing on the closely-related Miasmah and Sonic Pieces labels (owned by Erik & Monique, pictured above). Both issue extremely high quality records, in the packaging and design and the weight of the wax itself, and that's before we even mention the music. 

Both labels offer a mind-altering array of sound art: scathing noise, brooding dark ambience and gorgeous yet subtle music are the name of the game here. Read on for a few highlights from the labels:

Zelienople - Hold you Up [Miasmah]

"Zelionople's return to creating music after a half decade shows something of their time away from the studio. Smooth as warm butter on a hot day, these gentle yet driving tracks summon the spirit of Americana: Reverb-drenched vocals and gently meandering guitar licks that seem to speak words more than they do notes."

James Welburn - Hold [Miasmah]

"Wild, emphatic music that ozzes personality. Hard percussion and avalanches of noisy, amped-up guitar, sounding like an unchained Raime or like the sweeps of black metal from Scandanavia (perhaps as a result of the artist's residence in Norway). Attention-grabbing music, with just the right balance of drama and build-up."

Erik K Skodvin - Anbessa (OST) [Miasmah]

"Erik K Skodvin's first solo film score for the film 'Anbessa', shot in Ethiopia, allegedly captures the essence of the film. We've not seen the full film, but Skodvin's work here manages to create a binding and incredible presence, There's as much narrative in here as in a feature-length flick, and the isolation from visual material in fact lends itself to even further artistic joys."

We Like We & Jacob Kirkegaard - Time is Local [Sonic Pieces]

"A shattered reflection of music, generated by We Like We and Kirkegaard as part of a 2017 sound and art installation. Comprised mostly of brief interludes of music, the performance, despite its site-specific nature, finds itself reborn in eacch new environment, and every new listen. Although isolated from the source material and the key performance, the music is deep and expansive."

Kaboom Karavan - The Log And The Leeway [Miasmah]

"A very unique record that bursts with the musical life given to it by the artist. Kaboom Karavan weaves a tale alike a haunted circus, a bizarre place filled with unearthly versions of earthly sounds, a curiosity that will shake your mind just around the next corner. Dark without losing its humanity, human without losing its alien quality."