Ring the alarm! Our Distro store is online

Posted On: bře 29, 2021

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Author: Noise Kitchen

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QOW Tape Artwork

Previously on show for our in-store visitors, we thought it more than a little unfair that C****-19 deprives passers-by from checking out some of the music we love. 

Introducing: Noise.Kitchen Distro! 

We kickstart our online offering with 4 of our absolute favourite labels from the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Mappa, Genot Centre, LOM, and Gin&Platonic. Check out a selection of the offering below: 

QOW - Dawafer [Genot Centre]

"Thriving and essential work from Cairo/Prague musician and artist QOW. Set in the stifling mayhem of any average Cairo Wednesday, this is organic music, yet simultaneously synthetic..."

Action Sports - Action Sports 2 [Gin&Platonic]

"Essential listening for all those West Mineral/Huerco S lovers out there, Gin&Platonic release the second edition in Action Sports' repertoire. Lush environments, free-moving electronic oddities that skim ambient techno and come up with something much more emotionally engaging than a whole lot of that..."

Tomáš Knoflíček - Vaguely Delimited Targets [LOM]

"A debut album of glitchy ambient, which seems patched together much like the beautiful Japanese 'Kintsugi' or method of 'Golden Repair' whereby the cracks in crockery is formed back to a whole with molten gold. Here, however, the gold seams running through the music appears as if crafted that way by some godly smith or craftsman..."

Infant - face first in the entangled [Mappa]

"Inspired by the idea of an organic internet made by mushrooms (sounds much better tbh), 'FFITE' is both deeply entangling and truly like a face first dive into some mycellular pool of thriving life. Glitchy, yet weirdly arm and comforting at the same time, it's a whole other world in here."

Just a quick taste of the wonderful music we have on offer with plenty more music to be added to the shop in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for music from Endless Illusion, Sonic Pieces and more!