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The Crush Delay v2, from Befaco, makes excellent use of a PT2399 delay chip, playing to its strengths in a manner uncommon in other delay devices. What makes the Crush Delay v2 truly unique is its orientation towards inherently broken digital sounds.

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To perpetrate its reign of terror, the Crush Delay v2 makes use of two VCAs, one for each input. Further, one of the VCAs is routed to the module’s dry/wet section, while the other feeds straight into the wet delay section. This makes the second section useful for injecting effects directly into the delay line in order to achieve varying layers of bizarre feedback. Even better, the feedback level can be remotely manipulated and features an automatic gain that quickly snuffs any and all unwanted spikes in volume.
If all that wasn’t enough, the Crush Delay v2 is sure to appease circuit bending enthusiasts with its Gate Control switch, which initializes or ceases three separate bend parameters for strange and glitchy sonics.


  • Eurorack delay with two inputs and voltage control over all parameters
  • Built-in control based on circuit bending techniques for creating digital mayhem and glitch sounds with applicable switches and gate controls
  • FX send/return for external feedback processing
  • Based on Princeton PT2399 delay chip

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