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    In the front of every ski there is a curve similar to a decay envelope. Skis module has two channels A and B and each of them consists of a decay envelope with knob control and a VCA.

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    There is a TRIGGER input to trigger the envelope, a buffered envelope output which is normalised to the CV input of the VCA. Than there is SIGNAL IN and OUT of the VCA. There is also a CRUNCH switch which activates a special mosfet lo-fi VCA circuit inspired by designs of Standa Filip. This adds a slight crunchy character which changes with the decay of the envelope. A typical application of Skis is to take two signals (noises for example) and generate drum sounds with adjustable DECAY from them with a TRIGGER signal. However, you can also use the two VCAs and two DECAY envelopes independently.


    • dual decay envelope with adjustable decay time (trigger input, CV output)
    • dual vca (signal IN, signal OUT, CV IN is normalized to CV output of decay envelope)
    • crunch feature inspired by circuits of Standa Filip
    • jumpers for changing the decay envelope to release envelope (vca is on full while there is a gate signal and than it decays)
    • jumpers for enabling the decay knob to completely mute the decay envelope
    • jumpers for selecting weird filtering of the output signal (also inspired by Standa Filip)
    • front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs
    • handmade in Brno, Czech republic

    Technical details

    • 5 HP
    • current: +12: <30mA, -12: <20mA
    • 35mm deep (skiff friendly)
    • PTC fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector

    Demo Video


    Data sheet



    Manual Skis

    Manual for Bastl Instruments Skis

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