Popcorn 1.1 update

Popcorn 1.1 update

Bastl Instruments

Version v1.1 introduces new feature to pair your oscillator with the output of the popcorn to achieve precise quantizing. It is as easy as tuning a guitar with a chromatic tuner and makes the quantizer tightly in tune in all octaves. It also allows for user calibration and that opens the door for module for DIY market. The version also fixes few bugs in the firmware mainly regarding the dual mode.

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Bug fixes:

  • dual mode gate output behaviour
  • dual mode jump behaviour
  • dual mode gate expander fix
  • dual mode cv input fine tune
  • cv input mode for inverting trigger direction affects now both channels as indicated in the animation

New feature:

Manual output calibration mode – allows to pair oscillator with popcorn and adjust each octave precisel

How to calibrate:

Connect CV OUT to the V/OCT input of your oscillator. Hold down button 1 and 4 at startup and you enter the manual calibration mode.
Rotate TRIG A / SLIDE TIME KNOB to select the octave – TRIG A and TRIG B leds indicate the selected octave (0-5V).
Select 0V (lowest octave-fully CCW), connect output of your oscillator to a chromatic tuner and fine tune its pitch precisely to correspond to the desired root note.
Select first octave by turning the TRIG A / SLIDE TIME KNOB.
Press buttons 2 and 3 to make fine increments UP and DOWN for voltage for the selected octave. Check the tuner for tuning precision.
Press buttons 1 and 4 to make larger increments UP and DOWN for the selected octave.
Repeat for the remaining octaves.
Press FN button to leave this mode and save the calibration table.