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FM & WAVE-SHAPE Oscillator

Pizza is a compact digital oscillator with powerful wave shaping applied to FM synthesis. Pizza offers a ton of flavor in a compact form, and it grants superb access with the assignable CTRL knob and CV, while its 3 different outputs allow for high patch flexibility.

Pizza is perfect for hybrid synthesis!

The unique take on FM synthesis combined with waveshaping offers a vast sonic palette while staying intuitive. Pizza is perfect for hybrid synthesis! Waveshaping on MAIN output gives you the world of additive techniques, while the PULSE and OSC OUT speak the subtractive language where mixing the outputs into a filter will sound massive!


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3 oscillators in one

Pizza is built around 3 internal oscillators - the Main Oscillator, which can be phase modulated (FM) and wave folded, and two modulating oscillators. The modulating oscillators are the Octave (sub) Oscillator, with dedicated output, and the Ratio Oscillator, serving more advanced FM duties. Both have square-sine-saw wave shape control for more timbral variety and can ring modulate the main oscillator.
FM INDEX crossfader applies phase modulation to the Main oscillator either with the Ratio Oscillator or the Octave Oscillator (can be replaced by an external signal). The INDEX MOD attenuverter for the CV controls the FM INDEX.

Assignable control

The CTRL knob and CV input are assignable and allow you to gain more access to the oscillator core. It can be assigned to control: linear FM, exponential FM (global, Octave, or Ratio osc.), octave, detune, modulator ratio selection, wave-shaping, wave-folding, ring modulation, or built-in bipolar VCA.

Easy callibration

The EXT input allows direct phase modulation of the Main Oscillator. The V/OCT input can be easily calibrated to match correctly with any source. Just play note C corresponding to 0V and C two octaves higher (2V), and you are ready to be perfectly in tune. You can also quantize the V/OCT input. Because of its digital nature, Pizza does not have to be tuned, and its approach to tuning is different. You only go to the Tune mode when you actually need to. Otherwise, the PITCH knob serves as either octave transpose or detune.


  1. Complex oscillator with 3 internal oscillators
  2. Main Oscillator with phase modulation (FM), wave folding, and ring modulation
  3. Octave Oscillator with independent output, square-sine-saw waveshaper, and independent output
  4. Ratio Oscillator for FM with user-adjustable ratios and square-sine-saw waveshaper
  5. 3 waveform outputs
  6. Pulse output of the Main Oscillator
  7. FM Index crossfader between Ratio Oscillator and Octave Oscillator
  8. Index Mod attenuverter for the dedicated CV input
  9. SHAPE section with wave-shaping of operators, 2 flavors of wave-folding, and ring modulation
  10. Sync input to reset all oscillators
  11. Octave transposition and detune via Pitch knob
  12. Tune mode for adjusting semitone transposition and fine-tune
  13. EXT input to replace phase modulation of the Octave Oscillator with external signal
  14. V/OCT input with automatic calibration and quantization
  15. Assignable CTRL knob and CV (lin/exp FM, ratios, octave, detune, waveshaping, VCA)
  16. Firmware updates via micro USB

Technical Details:

  1. 8 HP
  2. PTC fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector
  3. 24mm deep
  4. current consumption: +12V: 90mA; -12V: 20mA

Data sheet



Manual Pizza

user manual

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