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3 channel passive mute module

LOL is a performative 3 channel passive mute module with latching push buttons, LED indication, and normalization between inputs. It is intended to be a small and low-cost mute, but it can also be used as a switched multiple.

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LOL has 3 channels: O, M and G. Each channel consists of an INPUT, a MUTE BUTTON with an LED, and an OUTPUT.

  • INPUTs on the LOL are normalized in cascading fashion. This means, if no cable is inserted into a channel below a channel with a cable, the signal from the upper connector will be copied into the lower connector. For example, if a cable is only inserted in the O INPUT connector, that signal will be copied to both channels M and G. Thanks to this, the LOL can be used as a “switched multiple” module and to quickly route one signal to multiple destinations.
  • Latching MUTE BUTTON switches either connect the INPUT with the OUTPUT of the corresponding channel (unmuted = light on) directly, or they connect the OUTPUT to ground (muted = light off).
  • The OUTPUTs are either connected to the unmuted INPUT signal (button down, light on), or they are connected to ground (button up, light off), depending on the position of the MUTE BUTTON.


  • 3 channel passive mute
  • latching buttons
  • LED indication
  • normalization of inputs

Technical details:

  • 2 HP width 
  • 24mm deep (skiff friendly) 
  • power consumption: +12V: < 5mA
  • 10-pin power connector (to power the LEDs)



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