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2-channel USB lamp driver

Illuminati is a 2-channel USB lamp driver that takes either audio, CV or MIDI and converts it to light intensity. Mini-jack inputs serve both for CV and audio. Adjusting gain, decay and inversion achieves the desired response to the signal.

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With a mini switch on the back, you can set whether the inputs also respond to negative voltages. Various MIDI information can be visualized as well (note, CC, aftertouch, velocity).

Illuminati is powered by micro USB, which insures flexibility in power sources, while the optically coupled MIDI input helps avoid creating ground loops. The enclosure is designed to simplify its mounting to any surface either by screws, zip-ties, or a string. It also increases stability when used just as a USB lamp stand on a flat surface.


  • -2x 5V USB outputs
  • -power draw limited to 0,5 A
  • -2x CV input 
  • -CVs are either 0 to 5V or -5 to +5V, set by a switch on the back
  • -MIDI input
  • -2x button for settings
  • -5V micro USB input (power only)
  • -enclosure with expanded base for better stability and mounting
  • -firmware updates via MIDI