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BeatStep Pro Performance Sequencer B-Stock


The Arturia BeatStep Pro is an intuitive and highly capable performance tool that affords expressive creative control over MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and DIN Sync gear.

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The unit can drive an entire performance, offering powerful control over VSTs, external synthesizers, drum machines, and even iPad apps. It contains several sequencers, each with 64 steps per sequence and 16 sequences per project. There’s even an additional drum sequencer that affords 16 individual sequencing tracks that can be recorded in real time via the unit’s pads or dedicated step buttons. Additionally, the unit contains numerous performance enhancing effects, including a looper with an accompanying touch strip, a randomizer, and even swing settings. 

The BeatStep Pro’s Controller Mode makes it possible to trigger clips in a DAW, trigger external drum sounds, or adjust plug-in parameters. For those looking for an affordable, highly capable controller to serve as the nerve center for their system, this is it. 


  • 2 monophonic step sequencers: Up to 64 steps per sequence; Note, velocity and gate time settings per step; Note tie
  • 16-track drum sequencer (one track per pad)
  • 16 Projects, each with 16x2 sequences, 16 drum sequences and a controller map.
  • Performance controls
  • Randomizer with Amount and Probability settings
  • Real-time looper/roller touch strip
  • Independent swing amount per sequence
  • Touch sensitive knobs
  • Tap Tempo
  • CV/GATE outputs (1 volt per octave CV, 10 volt gates)
  • 8 drum gate outputs
  • Clock sync with multiple standards
  • MIDI In/Out with supplied MIDI adaptors
  • USB class compliant
  • Kensington Lock

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