Plaits Macro Oscillator is a hugely sophisticated digital synthesis engine, able to produce and manipulate complex sounds by means of 16 or so fully-realized synthesis algorithms, featuring multiple oscillators, wavetables, filters, VCAs, ring modulators, and so on under the hood.

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8 synthesis models for pitched sounds

Two detuned virtual analog oscillators with continuously variable waveforms.

Variable slope triangle oscillator processed by a waveshaper and wavefolder.

2-operator FM with continuously variable feedback path.

Two independently controllable formants modulated by a variable shape window (VOSIM, Pulsar, Grainlet, Casio CZ-style resonant filter…).

24-harmonic additive oscillator.

Wavetable oscillator with four banks of 8x8 waves, with or without interpolation.

Chord generator, with divide down string/organ emulation or wavetables.

A collection of speech synthesis algorithms (formant filter, SAM, LPC), with phoneme control and formant shifting. Several banks of phonemes or segments of words are available.

8 synthesis models for noise and percussions

Granular sawtooth or sine oscillator, with variable grain density, duration and frequency randomization.

Clocked noise processed by a variable shape resonant filter.

8 layers of dust/particle noise processed by resonators or all-pass filters.

Extended Karplus-Strong (aka Rings’ red mode), excited by bursts of white noise or dust noise.

Modal resonator (aka Rings’ green mode), excited by a mallet or dust noise.

Analog kick drum emulation (two flavors).

Analog snare drum emulation (two flavors).

Analog high-hat emulation (two flavors).

Depth: 25 mm

Power requirement: +12 V: 50 mA, -12 V: 5 mA

This listing is for a built module with power cable and mounting screws.

This module is tested by Noise Kitchen and is in full operating condition. 


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