We’d like to invite you all to the 3rd edition of Noise.Kitchen’s synth fest, codename: Connecting Distant Patchpoints



23. 4. 2017 Cables of Love
26. 4. 2017 Noise.Kitchen Synth Fest III: Praha
26. 4. 2017 Music Ports (Bastl Edition)
28. 4. 2017 Noise.Kitchen Synth Fest III: Brno
29. 4. 2017 RACK RASH | Connecting Distant Patchpoints

The event will happen a bit earlier this time, the week after Superbooth, and it gets considerably bigger – we will do a hilarious tour of Berlin > Prague > Brno > Vienna with demos, talks, workshops, parties, vegan food and a lot of good vibes. We’re teaming up with our favorite Austrian crews Signal Zirkus & Rack Rash to make sure you will have the best patching (and chilling) experience possible.

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