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Ethiopia is well known in specialty coffee as the cradle of coffee. That’s why this coffee is so complex and rich in structure. You can experience jasmine and lecorice notes in both, pour over method or espresso.
Our Ethiopia Galeh is even special because it comes from a direct trade relationship between our loved importer This Side Up and the farmer family which figurate also as exporter in the origin country.
Well, when you know all the story the green bean took from the farmer over processing and shipping to your roastery, you have to treat the beans with exaggerated respect during roasting process, so all the effort can come out.

Our goal is to mediate all the effort behind, so you can appreciate it yourself when drinking your regular daily cup of coffee.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question about the roastery or our coffees at

How did happened that smell of coffee appaered in a synth shop?

All started years ago while drinking those unforgettable shots in Amsterdam, Berlin, but also in Brno. We wished to drink those funny storytelling coffees every single day. After a while we realized we consume so much coffee we should roast it ourselves. So the adventure could start. In May we have opened a tiny shop in the city center of Brno with coffee beans from several czech and european roasters and with different coffee brewing equipment. From september we are offering also our own roasted coffees. And these days we took place on grinders in caffes around our headquarter.

The journey of a good cup of coffee starts at the farm. So we get green beans as directly as possible thanks to our importer This Side Up, which is putting effort into connecting the first and the last part of the chain, so farmers can get feedback from baristas that admire all the hard work behind.

The roasting proccess respects all the people behind, its origin, growing altitude, method process and this year weather, since all the coffees come from current crop.

Coffee for us is about quality, context and energy. Just like music

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