Terrasoniq Ploytec Pi L 2 Synthesizer

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Terrasoniq Ploytec Pi L 2 Synthesizer Module, duophonic mono synthesizer. Generates an enormous variety of sounds with the thomann help of two square wave (pulse) oscillators which can be interconnected in variable and innovative ways – these are fun to experiment with. Not only the classic waveforms such as saw-, sine- or pulse-waves will be simulated, rather newly and interesting sounds – from thomann warm to destructive – are also generated. The PL2 receives its data always via MIDI channel 1 and all setting parameters can be edited by MIDI controller commandos. Up to 32 of your own self-programmed sounds can be stored in the user memory thomann area. In addition, further 32 factory sounds are located within a fixed memory area which provides ideal starting material to experiment with. 2 Oscillators, 4 Waveforms, 32 Presets, 32 Userpresets, Square Wave Synthesis, Digital Filter (LPF, BPF, HPF), Analog Filter (LPF), Pulse Width thomann Modulation, MIDI clock synced LFO, Important Note: The PL2 can generally be powered from the MIDI port without the need for a power adapter. You should ensure, however, that the external MIDI device connected to this port can provide the required current. If this thomann isn’t the case you can use a common 5 Volt DC (100mA min.) USB power adapter (e.g. as commonly used for mobile phones) and connect to the PL2 USB mini port. Of course a standard PC or HUB USB port can provide the needed thomann power as well (Power supply adapter and USB cables are not part of the scope of delivery)

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