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Χρόνος is a time-keeping module, with two distinct but related functions. The first is tap tempo: tap the push button to generate a clock, and adjust the tempo with the knob. The second function is tempo-synced low frequency oscillator, with four different waveforms. One output jack provides either sine or triangle wave, the other ramp or sawtooth. A toggle switches between waveforms.

The two functions can be linked or used independently. By default the waveform is synced to the tap tempo, but an external trigger can be used instead.

Χρόνος is Greek for Time, transliterated to English as Chronos.



  • Width: 6HP / 30.00mm
  • Height: 3U / 128.50mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight: 50g


  • 16-pin Doepfer/Eurorack
  • PTC fuse and diode protected
  • +5v: < 20mA
  • +12v: < 20mA
  • -12v: < 5mA

Note: requires +5v power rail!


  • Outputs: < 1k Ohm
  • Inputs: 100k Ohm

Signal Tracking

  • Tap Tempo: 4.65µHz to 78Hz
  • Tempo Synced Oscillator: 4.65µHz to 1.25kHz
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