Korg Minilogue – Silver


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  • 4-voice polyphonic synth, automatic tuning
  • 41 panel controls
  • All-new analog circuitry
  • 100 factory presets, 100 user programs, with instant recall
  • 8 voice modes: Poly, Duo, Unison, Mono, Chord, Delay, Arp, Sidechain (uh, that last one’s funny, so read our review)
  • Hard sync, cross modulation, ring mod
  • 2-pole and 4-pole filters
  • Route-able modulation
  • Three oscillator types per oscillator (saw, triangle, rectangle) plus shape knob
  • Real-time oscilloscope
  • Sync in and sync out (a la volca series and other KORG gear)
  • I/O: Audio in (just a passthrough), audio out, headphones, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, USB (for MIDI, no audio)
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