Ginko Synthese – Tap Tempo LFO


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It’s not the LFO you already know… It is synced to your master clock, or sync it with the taps you make on the tap button and it is quite useful as a taptempo master clock generator.
  • Eurorack size
  • Width: 10HP (50.5mm)
  • +/-12V and 5V
  • compatible with Doepfer
  • skiff-friendly (only 25mm in depth)


  • 8 waveforms
  • multiplier / clock divider
  • horizontal wave distort
  • external clock input
  • CV input for distort amount
  • CV input for multiplier
  • LFO output (selectable between 0/5V and -5V/+5V)
  • clock output
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