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New school sampler and audio processor. Comes with a free 16 gb Compact Flash card.

Key features: 8 Internal Tracks. Real-time Time Stretch. 64 step Variable Length Tracks. Real-time Pitch Shift. 2 FX Blocks per Track. 16 Instantly Available Banks. 8 Recorders. 256 Instantly Available Patterns. 3 LFOs per Track. 64 Instantly Available Scenes. 8 Arrangements per Project. Unlimited Amount of Projects. Infinium Optical Crossfader. Unlimited Amount of Sets. Compact Flash Card Reader. 3 Year Elektron Warranty. USB 2.0 Port. Total Sample Control. Included in the box: 1 Power Supply Unit. 1 Power Supply cable of your selection (EU, US, UK, AUS). 1 Octatrack User’s Manual. 1 16 gb Compact Flash card. 1 USB cable.
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