grandPa 1.1 upgrade pack


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upgrade pack includes

  • THE CHIP (ATMEGA 328) for grandPa
  • little screwdriver
  • sticker
  • optional: THE CHIP for SPA – please read bellow


Starts shipping early January 2016

So ! what is the upgrade about?

  • adds new feature to change the sample by CV
  • the threshold for changing samples corresponds to 1 semitone of quantized voltage
  • if CV changes the sample is changed at the threshold or is changed only at the rising gate signal (depending on the mode)
  • minor UI bug fixes
  • more stable
  • improved stability when functioning with SPA

more information here

Note: all grandPa shipped in 2015 are version 1.0 … grandPas shipped in 2016 are 1.1

SPA Updated, too !

With this update we also have update on SPA which also had few bugs so the stability of these two is now much better!!!

To get the SPA upgrade just add note the your order of grandPa upgrade pack and we will include it for free!

NOTE: to get grandPa and SPA working perfectly we highly recommend to get both upgrades!

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