We are a small team of synth enthusiasts from Brno, Czech republic. We make our own synths under the name Bastl Instruments, we have an electronic music cassette label, we do music, we do synth workshops, we do parties and now we want to bring everything to the next level! We are running our own small boutique synth shop in Brno city center since early 2015, so its easier for you to try everything out and nicer for us to get your feedback! We would like to spend some time with you on our workshops, which we would like to organize regularly for more than friendly prices.


You are welcome to meet us and see what we are cooking and join the party! Help us to shape the noise.kitchen – it is here for you and it is not only a shop! If you know of some great stuff that shouldn’t be missing here, let us know! If you just want to get something special, let us know as well – we will try to figure it out!

Václav and Ondřej started Standuino in 2011, which reincarnated into Bastl Instruments in 2013 when Leoš aka HRTL joined them.


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